Welcome, let's play.

#oneplaything is a positive movement that encourages engagement with space through playful interventions. Anyone can make #oneplaything interventions, all you need is a stick of chalk. You simply write or draw invitations or instructions to play in public places. Explore the site to find out more, or even better, grab some chalk and get playing!

#oneplaything @ V&A Dundee

Our latest #oneplaything adventure is the installation of a large scale semi-permanent playful chalkscape outside V&A Dundee. The chalkscape is inspired by playing together safely in the pandemic and features a rainbow design. It has six playful designed areas for exploration, play and contemplation. To find out more about each area, explore the links below. The hcalkscape was commisioned by V&A Dundee as part of the Now Accepting Contactless: Design in a Global Pandemic and was designed by Lynn Love and Mona Bozdog.