Welcome to Follow the Leader

Players: 2-8
Play time: 5 - 15 minutes

In this area you will work with friends and strangers to make an ever-changing sculpture with your bodies by following the leader.

To play: Each player should stand on one of the red heart shapes. Each player should face the same direction (Any direction will do!) The player who is at the front of the group is now the leader. Everyone else has to copy the leader’s actions. The leader cannot move from their heart but can use their voice, body and expressions to play. All other players should follow the leader. If the leader turns to face another direction, they hand leadership over to the person who is now at the front of the group. Keep playing as long as you’re having fun. Invite other people to join whilst you play if you have free spaces available.

Variations Follow the leader is a simple game board, what games can you think to play here that adhere to social distancing guidelines? If you like, share your game rules on social media using the hashtag #oneplaything #VADundee so others can play your games too.