Welcome to The Luvsie

Players: 2-3
Play time: 5 minutes

In this area you will work with a friend or stranger to take a socially distanced “luvsie,” a selfie which uses your bodies and perspective to make a love heart around the V&A sign.

To Play you will need a camera or smart phone. watch the video for a demonstration for guidance or: One player, the photographer, should stand on the blue heart, facing the direction indicated by the arrows in the heart. The other player should stand on the green heart, again facing the way the arrows point. Each player should point their faces towards the road and have the V&A behind them. The player closest to the V&A sign should make half a heart shape, using one arm to be the top and the other arm to be the bottom. The photographer (the player furthest from the V&A) should turn their camera towards them (or into selfie mode). They should point the camera, (landscape orientation works best) at themselves, their co-player and the V&A sign The photographer should then direct their co-player to create half a heart that sits around one side of the V&A sign Once your co-player is in position, you, thr photographer, should use your hand to create the other side of the heart and position it in relation to your camera, your co-player and the V&A sign to create a luvsie! When in position, take a photo!

Post your luvsies online with the hashtag #oneplaything to share the fun!