Welcome to The Endless Playground

Players: 2 to ∞
Play time: all day

In the endless playground we introduce you to games which you can play whilst exploring the V&A, playing across this chalkscape and beyond. These ambient games change regularly and are a playful way to reconsider the spaces around us.

This month we’re playing:

You are part of the super secret order of the Rainbow Guard, with an ancient duty to protect others. At any time you can cast an invisible rainbow above others to protect them. To cast this rainbow protection, you draw a semi-circle sign in the air with your finger pointing at the person you are trying to protect.

If you see another member of the super secret order of the Rainbow Guard carry out this action you must reciprocate by drawing a semi-circle in the air as an act of solidarity, support and extra energy to strengthen the protective spell.

The Rainbow Guard are, however, super secret, so you must carry out these protections in utmost secrecy and undetected by others so be careful to evade all cameras on site (CCTV, tourist, etc.) when performing your protection spell.

The rainbow guard can protect anyone they wish, but the following people are in particular need of your protection so if you see them, cast your spell as quickly and discreetly as possible: People with bags, people wearing red and people who have been caught in the rain.