Welcome to Slow Dance

Players: 2
Play time: 5 - 10 minutes

This is a two player game which helps you to create a dance together.

To play: Player one should stand on the yellow heart shape within yellow circle shape Player two should stand on the red heart shape within the red teardrop shape. In front of you is the dance board. You will work together to make it to the other heart on each of your individual boards. To dance, you have to clap. Both players can only move when a clap occurs. You can move only one space per clap. You can decide to take turns clapping, for one of you to clap or for you to surprise each other! When both players reach the finish heart in their space, the dance is over. Bow to each other and your audience

Slow Dance Variations

Make your own rules of movement, all is allowed as long as you dance together. If you want to share your game with others, let us know the rules on social media using #oneplaything